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The SaaSOps Show: Physical Offices Are a Thing Again

Not too long ago, the concept of a physical office seemed like a…hypothetical. But like everything seems to these days, things have changed! Now people are slowly trickling back into the office for a variety of reasons. But as you can probably guess, it’s not just a matter of turning the lights back on for…

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A Day in the Life of a SaaSOps Leader

It’s time to pull back the veil of secrecy around SaaSOps practitioners. While it’s no secret that there’s an incredibly engaged community of SaaSOps pros, folks who are less familiar with the framework have long wondered what they do every day. More importantly, what unique priorities do they have—and how do they think about building…

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SaaSOps Leaders Episode 4, Featuring Rick Heil

BetterCloud CEO David Politis talks with Rick Heil, Vice President of Technology at MERGE. They talk about how his drive-time radio and Apple Retail experience helped him land his first job in IT (3:15), the challenges of acquiring a company and moving from O365 to Google Workspace during the pandemic (22:16), and how much SaaS…

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