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63 Resources to Take Your Cloud IT Admin Skills to the Next Level


July 31, 2015

5 minute read


The web is full of resources for learning new things, and there’s no shortage of information when it comes to Google Apps or Office 365. Sometimes, the sea of documentation, videos, and other training resources can be hard to find, or even overwhelming. We wanted to consolidate some of that information for all cloud IT admins–both Google Apps and Office 365.

Below, you’ll find links to our favorite in-depth guides, how-to videos, general resources, and more that will demonstrate how to better manage and secure your cloud office system–while empowering your end users at the same time.

Whether you’re focused on increasing your knowledge of Google Drive security or stumbling on new resources like Microsoft’s Virtual Academy, we know that you’ll find something of use to take your professional development as a cloud IT admin to the next level.

Note: Google Apps admins can skip to their section by clicking here.

Primary Resources for Office 365 Admins

If you’re using Office 365, there’s a strong possibility you’re moving from Microsoft on-premises. Though similar, Office 365 and the cloud bring new challenges to the forefront. Use the resources below to learn more about your Office 365 tenant and leverage the cloud to its full potential.

Where to Learn More About Getting Office 365 Certified

Microsoft’s Office 365 certification, called Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), helps admins prove
their “expertise in using the cloud-based collaboration and productivity tools offered by Office 365.” Learn more about the certification by following the link below.

Getting Started with Office 365

Office 365 is not only new for end users, it’s new for admins too. Get started with Office 365 by taking advantage of the many Microsoft resources that have been created to help ease the transition to the cloud.

Collaboration and Productivity

We know that Office 365 helps improve productivity and collaboration, but only if your end users use the services and start working more in the cloud. Learn about how to enhance collaboration in your organization by reading the following articles.

Communication and Scheduling

Many end users love the Outlook client for its powerful communication and scheduling capabilities. The Outlook Web App helps take these features online, enabling your end users to access them from any device–no matter the location.

Cleaning Up Your Tenant

As your tenant grows, licenses can go unused, users wind up improperly deprovisioned, and mailboxes sit idle and empty. Take time to do clean up your tenant from time to time–with or without the help of PowerShell–your job will be easier for it.


Reporting is becoming an increasingly important tool for admins, especially as entire organizations move to the cloud. With Office 365, you can monitor usage rates and receive reports to find out how quickly your employees are adopting their new cloud office system.


Many organizations choose Microsoft simply due to the company’s dedication to security. The cloud is an unknown for some business leaders that have grown accustomed to keeping all data on-premises. Help ease their concerns and increase your own Office 365 security knowledge by following the links below.

General Office 365 Administration Help

Office 365 is a powerful service for end users and admins alike. But in order for your organization to truly take advantage, you need to be an expert. That’s a lot to ask; Office 365 and Microsoft’s cloud services are rapidly evolving and gaining new features. Below are five additional resources that will help you keep up with Microsoft’s fast-paced innovation.

Primary Resources for Google Apps Admins

Google Apps admins will never run out of resources for learning more about their cloud office system. Here are some of our favorites:

Where to Learn More About Google Apps Certification

There are two types of Google Apps certifications, one for admins, and one for deployment specialists. The Google Apps Certification home page has everything you need and more to get you on your way to becoming a better admin.

Getting Started with Google Apps

Google Apps excels when it comes to ease of use, but it’s always necessary to start somewhere. These in-depth guides will help you get your domain up and running as soon as possible.

Collaboration and Productivity

The cloud is helping IT admins save time and eliminate routine tasks. The next step for many admins is to help their end users get the most out of Google Apps. This takes time–and training. Properly managing and understanding Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and more will increase your users productivity, regardless of their device or location.

Communication and Scheduling

Communication is one of the top requirements for keeping a successful organization up and running. If email is out for even a few minutes, productivity doesn’t just stall, it can halt entirely. It’s your job to ensure that your domain is optimized for effective communication.


BetterCloud enables you to create reports that will give you better insight into your organization. Learn how to run reports easily and automatically by following the directions found in the links below.


If you’re in IT, then you already understand the importance of security. Help tighten your organization’s security by protecting your users and your organization’s sensitive information.

General Google Apps Administration Help

Do you know of any other great Google Apps or Office 365 resources that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll add it to the list!