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The Complete Guide to 2-Step Verification

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System security is a top priority for any IT admin. Ordinarily, the last frontier for end user security is the strength of their password. By implementing 2-step verification you can ensure their account is inaccessible to outsiders even if their password is somehow compromised.

2-step verification uses the user’s mobile device to provide a one time use code to access to their account. In addition to being easy to implement, 2-step verification makes it nearly impossible for an intruder to access an account without physically possessing the mobile device.

2-step verification can be enabled by both the admin or the end user. The admin has several options for how he or she wants to set it up, whether it’s available for end users to set up, required for all users, or required for users on a certain date. Depending on your organization, an admin may choose to enable 2-step verification but may not enforce it. As an end user, you can have the choice to set up 2-step verification on your own.

Check out these two videos to learn how to set it up from both perspectives.

How to Enable 2-Step Verification On Your Domain

Click here to watch this video on YouTube

How to Enable 2-Step Verification (End User Guide)

Click here to watch this video on YouTube

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