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15 Free Google Apps Training Sessions

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Thank you to everyone who made gCON 360 the greatest Google Apps focused conference ever. Thousands of you tuned in to our 15 sessions over the last 3 days asking amazing questions and contributing valuable insights. If you missed any of the sessions or just want to watch some of them again we have put them all below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Featured Sessions

Google Drive Add-ons: Reducing Risk & Saving Time

Join Smartsheet’s Alex Vorobiev and Scott McAllister, as they share how Google’s recent update allows administrators to prevent end users from installing potentially harmful Add-ons. Alex and Scott also discuss how administrators can install Add-ons across their entire domain for end users to use.

3 Ways to Recover from Data Loss in Google Apps

Mat Hamlin, Director of Products for Spanning by EMC shares how you can avoid Google Apps data loss and fully protect your data, stay compliant, ensure data availability and get back to work quickly when data loss events happen.

Centralized Enterprise Content Ownership In Google Apps

Learn how to bridge Google Drive’s peer-to-peer architecture to a centralized enterprise with AODocs. To meet compliance requirements, financial reporting obligations and for senior management oversight, organizations must centralize management of operational records and documents.

Secure Your Org: A Practical Guide and Case Study on Email Encryption

Join former NSA cloud security architect Will Ackerly for an overview and evaluation encryption approaches, pros and cons of each, and a brief demo of Virtru, which provides simple email encryption for Google Apps.

How to Build A Robust, Unified Communications Suite with Google Apps

This session from covers how to manage your suite of unified communications tools to get the most out of Google Apps. From videoconferencing to chat, a robust enterprise phone system to team presence, Google Apps can provide your organization with everything you need to keep your team connected as you scale.

Sessions by Googlers

Securing Your Data With Google Drive for Work

Your employees need to access their work on any device, collaborate easily and share files of all types. With Google Drive for Work, you can make it easy for your employees to work with all their files, from anywhere, while keeping company information safe. Join the Google Apps team to see how Drive’s advanced sharing controls and reporting make life easy for you and your users.

The Power of Marketing with Google Apps

In a multi-device world, marketing teams need to collaborate more effectively, move faster and create more engaging content. Join the Google Apps team to see how Google Apps gives modern marketers all the tools they need to create more engaging content, faster and bring new ideas to market faster.

How Google Apps Support Has Gone Google

Ever wonder who those people are on the other side of your support tickets? What do they do exactly? How are they organized? And are they even real people or just a bunch of really smart Google robots? Find out how support itself has gone Google.

Additional Training Sessions

User Horror Stories: How To Prevent Them

Every company fears the day when a disgruntled employee attempts to turn their frustrations on the IT infrastructure. Whether this happens in the form of inappropriate emails, sharing of sensitive information, or mass deletion, you need to be prepared. Chris takes you through the key steps you need to take to prepare your domain for the rogue employee before they turn. What to do when they turn. And explains why the end isn’t always the end.

Optimizing Your Mobile Workforce

Over the past few years, the percentage of work getting done on a mobile device has exploded. As an IT administrator, how do you empower your users so they can get their job done at the office, at home, or on the road? This presentation will teach you the best practices for rolling out mobile device management, whether its in a BYOD environment or not.

5 Steps To Foolproof Provisioning & Deprovisioning Processes

Will O’Leary from BetterCloud teaches you how to take back control, save time, and mediate risk with proper provisioning and deprovisioning processes.

Google Apps Admin Certification Exam Overview

The Google Apps Admin Certification isn’t just a badge of honor for all Google Apps Admins out there, it’s also an extremely helpful learning tool. Preparing for, and taking the exam will provide you with ample opportunities to learn more about the Admin Console and what goes into proper domain management. This session will show you what you should focus on when studying for the exam and helpful techniques for performing your best.

GAFE: Automate The Grading Process With Flubaroo

In this age of technology, no teacher should ever have to grade a multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank assessment again. Let your computer do that by building quizzes using Google forms and use the Add-on Flubaroo to grade the assessment. Students can take the quiz using their computer or mobile device. Then teachers can run Flubaroo to instantly grade the quizzes and distribute them to students automatically through email. The whole process is easy and fast.

Training Your Users To Train Themselves

The role of the IT administrator has shifted. Where admins once focused on troubleshooting and putting out fires, they’re now focused on empowering their users. This session takes a look at how the modern IT admin can put the power in the user’s hands to:

– Solve problems on their own
– Become experts in Google Apps
– Stay ahead of the curve with updates and changes

Saving Time While Increasing Security In Google Apps

This session shows you how to create specific admin roles for support staff in Google Apps for Work. Colin also covers the best practice guidelines for on-boarding new support staff and everyday sensible admin access policies.

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