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9 Gmail Tips You Need to Know

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This post is a guest contribution from Kayla Matthews. Kayla is a cloud computing and technology writer, contributing to more than a dozen well-known technology websites across the web. To read more posts from Kayla, check out her tech and productivity website,

There are so many hidden tips and tricks for software and technology that it’s impossible to figure them all out.

Luckily, we have the internet to show us all those little details that make things easier. These nine Gmail tips will help make your day-to-day email activities much simpler.

Create a Contact Group

If you have a group of co-workers or a team you need to frequently send emails to, this is a definite time saver. Instead of adding every individual—and potentially forgetting someone—you can create a group and just type that name in instead of each email address.

Use Gmail Advanced Search Operators

Everyone knows that Google is renowned for their search engine. With Gmail, you have the power of that search engine in your inbox. If you’ve got a ton of emails to sift through and you’re looking for a particular one, this makes it a lot easier to find.

Send Encrypted Emails

If you use Chrome as your browser, there’s a nifty extension that lets you encrypt emails. This ensures the sensitive data you’re sending is only viewed by the eyes you want seeing it.

Undo a Sent Email

If you made an error in your message, sent it to the wrong person or forgot some information, Gmail has you covered. You can undo a sent email up to 30 seconds after clicking the send button.

Turn on Email Read Receipts

It’s irritating to send an urgent email and get no response. With this, you can see whether or not the recipient has read it — and whether you should send a follow-up in order to press the matter further.

Create a Company Email Signature

Email signatures show you’re a professional and they’re something people notice in an email. Make sure your Gmail has a simple and sophisticated email signature so people take notice, in addition to any important info about you they’ll need to know.

Make Your Inbox a To-Do List

Instead of writing things down, people tend to email things to themselves that they need to remember. You can turn your inbox into a to-do list so you’re guaranteed to get your memory jogged when you check your email in the morning.

Enable Desktop Notifications

If you’re keeping an eye out for an important email, but don’t want to have to keep going back to check Gmail, this is perfect. While you’re doing other tasks on your computer, a pop-up window will announce when you’ve gotten that email you’re waiting for.

Log Out of Other Sessions

This one is more of a reminder. A lot of bad can come from forgetting to log out of your Gmail account on shared machines, like having your personal info get compromised. 

These tips can help improve your Gmail experience. Even the smallest things can make a huge difference!


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