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Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Office: Configurations and Settings

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OK, you’ve successfully installed GASMO and you’re looking at your Google Apps content in Outlook. But don’t rush in too quickly – even if you’re a seasoned Outlook user, there are a few choices to make and settings to configure before getting started.

1.) Consider your mailbox size

Consumer Gmail accounts are allocated up to 15gb combined Gmail, Drive, and Google+ storage. If you’re a Google Apps for Business user, that number doubles to 30gb. GASMO, by default, does not cap the amount of data downloaded from Gmail to your Outlook mailbox. However, if you have an older PC, or limited system resources, you may notice performance degradation in Outlook as your mailbox grows in size. If performance is an issue, we recommend choosing a mailbox size limit.

To cap your mailbox size, locate the Google Apps Sync icon in your traybar. Right-click on Google Apps Sync and select Set mailbox size limit. From here you can choose a 1, 2, or 4 gigabyte limit.

You can also choose which calendars to sync from the Google Apps Sync traybar icon. Deselecting secondary calendars which you rarely use will also improve Outlook performance.

2.) Make your GASMO profile the default Outlook profile

To choose a default profile, go to Start Menu > Control Panel > Mail (or Mail Settings) > Show Profiles. Click your Google Apps Sync profile, choose “Always use this profile,” then click Apply.

Now, let’s shift our focus to the Outlook client itself. There are several key pieces which are NOT imported from Google when you install GASMO.

First, you’ll need to recreate your signature in Outlook after creating your GASMO profile. Next, if you were using filters in Gmail, you’ll need to recreate these as “rules” in Outlook.

Additionally, if you were accessing other email accounts in Gmail via POP or IMAP, you’ll need to update these settings in Outlook. If you add additional accounts via POP/IMAP, they will appear as separate inboxes in Outlook. However, make sure your Google Apps profile is the default, otherwise event invitations sent to your Google email address may not appear on Outlook Calendar.

This is the first video in our series on Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Office. To learn more about what is supported / unsupported in Outlook, take a look at Part Two.

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