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Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Office: What's Supported vs. Unsupported in Outlook

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This is the second video in our series on Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Office. To learn more about Settings and Configurations, take a look at Part One.

This video will review which Outlook features are available when using GASMO, and call out those features that are not supported. It will also focus specifically on Outlook mail functionality.

1.) What’s supported in Outlook with GASMO

When using GASMO you can send mail, reply, and forward as usual. Calendar invitations will continue to function, and you can organize and manage your messages using folders, flags, and categories.

In addition to your mail and calendar events, your Gmail contacts will also be synced with GASMO. As a result, addresses from your contacts will auto-complete when you’re composing a message.

As you can see, the vast majority of Outlook functionality is supported when using GASMO, allowing you to work efficiently in Outlook. However, there are a number of features which are not supported, due to incompatibility between Outlook and Google Apps.

2.) What’s NOT supported in Outlook with GASMO

One major difference is that the “recover deleted items” menu option will not be available. Remember, in Gmail, messages are permanently deleted 30 days after being moved to trash. If you want to save a message for later, move it to the “archived” folder in Outlook instead of “deleted items.”

Delivery receipts will no longer function with GASMO, and read receipts will only work if your recipient is using Outlook and has read receipts enabled for their profile. Therefore, it’s safe to say that requesting a read receipt may not always be reliable.

Additionally, public folders and shared mailbox folders are not supported in GASMO since there is no equivalent to them in Google Apps. We recommend using shared folders in Google Drive as an alternative.

Similarly, because Gmail does not feature importance levels (for example, “low priority,” or “important”), these values are not synchronized when sending, and will not be visible to the recipient.

Google also prevents sending messages with attached executable files in order to cut down on potential malware. You will receive a delivery failure if attempting to send a message with an attached .exe file. If you do need to send an .exe file, we recommend uploading to and sharing from Google Drive.

3.) Out of office responses and contact delegation need to be handled using the Gmail web interface; these features are not available in GASMO, and are described in more detail in a separate tutorial.

4.) Lastly (and quite importantly!), for those who were previously using Outlook with Exchange, Outlook’s recall feature is no longer supported.

Attempting to recall a message when using GASMO will only result in the embarrassing outcome of the recipient not only receiving the original message, but also a second message informing them you attempted to recall it!

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