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As an Office 365 for Business user, you might use Office 365 for business at work but at home you can take advantage of Microsoft’s free services like is a Microsoft service that millions of people enjoy and recently updated to run on Office 365 architecture. If you have both an account and Office 365 for business account at work, you’ll soon start seeing very similar functionality across the platforms.

Last year, Office 365 for was only available in preview, but now it is available in full force. users can expect new integrated features that are included in Office 365. users will be able to see key flight information in their calendars. Once you’ve booked your travel, Outlook will add key information to your Outlook Calendar such as your confirmation number, seat assignment, and a three hour warning before your flight to remind you to get to the airport. users can also reap the Office 365 benefits such as setting automatic replies and creating inbox rules and drafts.

Most of all, collaboration for users is greatly improved through features such as integrations between Outlook and the rest of the Office suite. Users can make edits to attachments in PowerPoint without having to change windows. Other third party integrations are available too, such as the ability to attach files from Dropbox and Box. also has some new inbox add-ins available. Giphy, the GIF generator is a new add-in, among others such as Yelp, Uber, Evernote, and Boomerang.

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