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How to Add GIFs to Outlook Emails

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GIFs get straight to the details, especially when it comes to describing exactly how you feel. Whether it’s a response to an office announcement or a reaction to an upcoming company event, GIFs make great additions to emails.

Watch the video above and follow the steps below to learn how to add a GIF to your email message in Outlook on the Web.

  1. Find a GIF you want to send in an email.
  2. Save the GIF to OneDrive.
  3. Go to Outlook on the Web and attach the GIF to your email draft.
  4. Be sure to select Attach as a copy. If you select the option Upload and attach as a OneDrive file, the recipient will have to click the GIF to view it, as opposed to being able to see it without clicking or downloading anything.
  5. When you’re all set, send your email!

To learn how to add a screenshot to your Outlook message, watch this video.

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