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New Outlook Features Guess Your Next Move

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Outlook calendar is continuing to add to its list of personal assistant attributes. Beginning this month, Outlook will begin reading your mind. Well, not exactly, but it’s going to be able to access your travel information, send important reminders, and predict who you want to email.

Announced in December, Outlook will begin adding key flight information to your calendar. Once you’ve booked your travel, Outlook will add key information to your Outlook Calendar such as your confirmation number, seat assignment, a three hour warning before your flight to remind you to get to the airport. Participating airlines and organizations include Expedia, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Alaska Airlines. This feature becomes available in January for Office 365 First Release customers and will roll out broadly to others beginning in March.

In addition to these enhancements in Outlook Calendar, Outlook also has a new feature that will help you to never misspell your co-worker’s name again – at least in the “To” line.

Based off the people you email frequently and have most recently sent emails to, Outlook will suggest names you may want to add. All you have to do is click in the “To” line and a drop down list of suggested contacts will appear. You can begin referencing the correct spelling of your co-worker’s name towards the end of January.

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