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How to Reset The Passwords of Everyone On Your Slack Team

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Slack has a reputation for replacing emails or at least replacing many aspects of internal emails when implemented at an organization. It is important to keep in mind, that although Slack behaves differently than email, you still need to keep it secure in the same way you secure your domain email accounts.

One of the most important security measures an organization can take is regularly resetting all of its user’s passwords. A mass password reset is easy and can be done right from the Slack settings.

1. Click the crop down menu next to your Slack team name
2. Select “Team Settings”
3. Navigate to the “Authentication” tab
4. Click “Expand” next to “Forced Password Reset”
5. Select whether you would like to sign everyone out of their session or enact the password reset upon their next login
6. Click “Reset Passwords for All Team Members

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