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Enable or Disable Multi-factor Authentication for Office 365 Users

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Azure Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365 allows you to secure your users’ access for no additional cost. Most often, multi-factor authentication is configured to require users to sign in with their password along with an additional authentication method, such as a code delivered by text message.

You can enable this using the Office 365 admin center in a few steps–check out the video above for instructions.

Why enable multi-factor authentication? Simply put, it¬†dramatically improves security. Even if a user’s password is compromised, the additional layer of security helps ensure that the user’s account or device will remain secure.

By default, your users don’t have multi-factor authentication enabled, so be sure to notify them. Microsoft provides a handy checklist of steps that you can follow as you’re setting up multi-factor authentication:

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Microsoft recommends that you review their multi-factor authentication guide before enabling your users.

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