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5 Useful Chrome Extensions for Students

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We’ve covered lots of useful Chrome extensions for teachers here and here, but we can’t forget about students! Here are five great extensions that students can use to stay focused and improve their writing.

Strict Workflow (formerly called Strict Pomodoro)

Strict Workflow

The Pomodoro technique is a technique where you focus exclusively on the task at hand for a set length of time (usually around 25 minutes), and then take a 5-minute break. We all know how distracting the internet can be, but that’s where students complete the majority of their homework these days. With Strict Workflow, you can blacklist sites (like Reddit and Facebook) so that you can’t access them during your 25-minute work sessions. This way, they don’t distract you (but you can look at them freely during your break). It’s a very handy tool for staying focused on a given task.

Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary is great when doing research papers where you’re likely to encounter a lot of words that you’ve never seen before. If you have the extension enabled, you just double click the word and a pop-up lets you know what it means. This is way faster than having to open a new tab and look up definitions each time you encounter an unfamiliar term.



EasyBib is an esssential tool for students faced with writing a lot of papers. When you’re doing research online, the EasyBib extension allows you to quickly generate a reference for any page that you might find relevant information on. Just click the button in your browser, follow the prompt, and soon you’ll have a citation ready to use in your paper.



If grammar isn’t your strong point, or if English isn’t your first language, Grammarly can help you catch and fix grammar-related errors well before you hand your paper in. It will bring up a window and let you know where you might have made grammar mistakes in your document.



If your writing suffers from being repetitive and you need synonyms to help, the Thesaurus extension is just what you need. You can highlight a word, right-click on it, go down to “Synonyms for,” and get an instant list of alternative suggestions.

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