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The 8 Best Chrome Extensions As Chosen By Teachers

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We asked educators what their favorite Chrome Extensions were for using in the classroom. Here are the results.

1. You’re one click away from sharing that awesome webpage

Shareable content is in style. Whether you want to share that YouTube video your friend must see, a Buzzfeed article that describes your feelings perfectly, or an insightful article your co-workers would appreciate, sharing content is simplified with the Send by Gmail Chrome Extension.

2. LastPass is the last password you’ll need to remember


Sigh, another password to remember can sometimes feel like moving a mountain as far as your memory availability goes. This daunting feeling can be forever avoided with LastPass, a password management tool that also has a Chrome extension!

3. Manage all of your Chrome extensions with Extensity


Ok, we know that Chrome extensions are exciting, but they can also be overwhelming. Need to quickly manage your Chrome extensions? Check this one out (we promise it’s worth the download). With Extensity, you can quickly access your Chrome extension settings, organize your extensions by category, and disable or enable extensions with one click on this menu pictured here.

4. Instantly shorten any link with the click of a button


url creator

Teachers share a lot of websites. When you’re deep into a Google+ conversation and want to link something to a co-worker, pasting a long URL can look lengthy and to be honest, a little less interesting. With the URL Shortener extension, you can shorten a URL with just one click. In the same extension, you can also create a QR code to share with others, which is a great way to share a URL if you’re using handouts for the classroom.

5. Read aloud with Read&Write

What if you could have your computer read to you out loud? Whether you have a child who is just learning to read or are multitasking at work and would rather digest an article through your headphones, there are many reasons why this would be a useful feature. Read&Write is a Chrome extension that does just that. Originally designed to help users who are dyslexic or learning English, I have found this tool to be also be great for multitasking and double checking your grammar. It’s like having a digital proof-reader (or bedtime story reader) built right into your Chrome browser.

6. Capture your screen with Screencastify

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 3.13.00 PM

Teachers swear by this Chrome extension. Screencastify  is a great tool to use to create quick demonstrations on how to do something on a computer. If you need to whip up a quick instructional video on how to download something, make a video for your students with one of these screen capture tools.

7. Send your students to the same website with two clicks

Keeping your students on the same page can be a tough task for any teacher. The Share to Classroom Chrome extension is an easy way to send all your students to the same website during a class. Save time emailing everyone out links or wondering if they typed the URL correctly. This new extension will put everyone in the right place. Now you can push a website to all the students in your class and it will automatically pop up on their open device.

8. Perfect your grammar and spelling with this Chrome extension

Ever need a second set of eyes to revise your text for spelling and grammar? Let’s be honest, we all do and there’s a free Chrome extension that can help. Grammarly is a Chrome extension that revises the text you type in Chrome. It suggests corrections for you to make to your spelling and your grammar, and it even provides an explanation for you with alternative options to chose from. To learn how to use the extension, watch the video above and follow the steps below.

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