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5 More Awesome Chrome Extensions for Teachers

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Can’t get enough of Chrome extensions? Here are five more great ones that teachers will find useful when using videos in the classroom, sharing content, and researching.


Turn this…

Readability screenshot 1

into this: Readability screenshot 2

If you’ve ever tried to share an article with students, you know that all the ads and images clutter things up and make it difficult to get to the bare bones of the material. Getting it cut down to an easy-to-read, printable form is a lot of work. Readability strips away everything that you don’t want, allowing you to copy and paste and manipulate the text. It’s a huge time saver and a tool that any teacher can appreciate.


If you do lots of research online in large sessions with multiple tabs open, TabCloud helps you save and restore all of your open tabs. This allows you to get back to exactly where you left off in the research process. Best of all, because it’s cloud-based, if you move between your work computer and home computer, TabCloud allows you to open the same session on a different machine.



EdPuzzle adds a button that allows you to start editing any YouTube video directly in EdPuzzle, which is an app that allows teachers to add questions to a video for students to answer. This makes creating interactive video lessons based on YouTube content a breeze.

World Data Finder

World Data Finder

World Data Finder is an extension that allows you to grab concrete, supplemental data in a few clicks. With it installed, just click on the icon at the top once you’re on a page that you want more information about. The extension searches for and pulls up charts and data to supplement the information on the page, helping you pull together relevant info quickly.

Tab Scissors and Tab Glue

Tab Scissors

Tab Scissors and Tab Glue make a great team, so we’re counting them as together as our last extension. If you’re overwhelmed with tabs, Tab Scissors lets you split a window in two at the selected tab. This allows you to seamlessly switch from a single window to a dual window mode. When you want to go back to working in a single full screen window, Tab Glue will put them back together for you again.

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