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4 Tools to Beef Up Your Google Security

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We talk a lot about getting the most out of Gmail and Google Apps, but there are some other things you should keep in mind. To make sure your sensitive information is properly secured, it’s very important to take steps to protect all of your accounts (Google related or not). Here are four of our favorite tools to securing your Google Apps accounts and domains.

1. Use a generator to create unique passwords


The experimental features section of your Chrome browser (chrome:/flags) has an option for a unique password generator. This is a great tool if you find yourself using the same password for multiple online accounts. If a single accounted is compromised, this could mean all of your accounts are vulnerable. Using a unique password generator makes it easy to create a password that no one can guess. But how can you keep track of all these unique passwords….


2. Use LastPass to manage your passwords



LastPass is our favorite tool for managing and storing passwords, along with automatically filling forms. Let’s face it, most of us have dozens of online accounts and it’s hard to keep track of all of those log-ins and passwords. If you took our first tip seriously, then it can be impossible to keep track of all those unique passwords. LastPass uses a desktop application that encrypts all of your data locally, so no one (even LastPass) can access it.


3. Require 2-Step Verification for your Google Apps users


2-step verification is one of our favorite security tools for Google Apps. However, until recently it could only be implemented at the user level. A Google Apps update allows administrators to enforce 2-step verification for their users.

The process isn’t perfect yet, and we still think it could use some work, but this feature is still great for those seeking even more security. Watch the video to learn how to enforce 2-step verification!


4. Follow BetterCloud’s Deprovisioning Workflow

When an employee leaves an organization, a Google Apps Admin should take certain steps to ensure the user’s account is properly (and fully) deprovisioned.

BetterCloud’s granular deprovisioning workflow makes the process simple, and gives you an easily repeatable process that can be assigned to other team members. You can even automate the entire process based on customizable criteria.

And a custom checklist allows you to add other important items – from keys to computers – ensuring a foolproof deprovisioning every time.

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