Suspending or deleting a user in Google Apps means undoing all of the steps taken to provision the user, plus the added task of preserving all of the assets the user created during his or her time at your organization so they are not deleted. BetterCloud's deprovisioning workflow put these steps (up to 15 in total) into a convenient step-by-step wizard, ensuring that you never make a critical error.

  • Reset the user’s password, hide them in the directory, and delegate their email
  • Transfer ownership of Docs, Sites, and Calendars to another user
  • Create a custom checklist of extra tasks to take care of before the user departs
  • Set a calendar reminder to finish any incomplete tasks


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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I delete a user account in Google Apps?

If you delete a user without transferring any of their documents or other materials, all of that information will be erased, as well. The deprovisioning tool walks you through best practices and prompts you to transfer all of a user’s owned assets.

Is there a way I can transfer group ownership and membership from one user to another?

The deprovisioning workflow also allows you to transfer group ownership and membership. Navigate to Tools > User Tools > Deprovision User to get started.

Once I suspend a user, can I schedule a time to automatically delete that user?

Yes. When suspending a user (through the user's account status icon on the user detail page), you will be able to set after how many days you'd like the user to be deleted.

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The deprovisioning tool alone is worth installing BetterCloud, and being able to make changes in bulk has saved us an incredible amount of time.

Will @ ServiceMesh