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3 Steps You Must Take in Google Apps When an Employee Goes Rogue

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We all hope for peace and tranquility in both home life and work life, but unfortunately that is not always the case. And when a professional relationship comes to a turbulent end, we should not be caught off guard.

Here are some steps you can take to minimize damage by a recently terminated employee who still has access to their Google Apps Account.

1.) Make sure all of your domain’s Google Drive documents are secured

To ensure the former employee is not sharing any documents externally, you can transfer ownership of all of their documents to yourself using the Admin console.

First navigate to the Admin console, then click Apps. Then select Google Apps and click into Drive and select the option “Transfer Documents.”

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2.) Monitor Google+ Posts

A Google+ post, especially a public one, by a disgruntled employee can be easier to miss than an email. But given the public nature of Google’s social network it can be even more detrimental as it can tarnish the outward facing image of your company.

Google does not have any tools that control Google+ posts on a domain level, but there are some third-party applications who have stepped up to fill the void. Using the security application BetterCloud, you can monitor all public Google+ posts made by users on your domain and even set alerts to notify you of posts containing specific language.

3.) Avoid an inappropriate all company email

A common exit strategy for a disgruntled employee is the “All Company Email.” These emails are particularly difficult to deal with since Google does not provide a way to remove an email from your users’ inboxes. The best practice would be to take preventative measures.

If you have a Google Group that contains everyone on your domain, it would be a good idea to add moderation settings to it. This would allow you, or whomever you select to be a group owner, to receive and vet all emails sent to the group before they go through to the entire domain.

This will ensure that all emails sent to everyone@ will need to be approved before seeing the light of day.

Hopefully these steps will never be necessary for your domain. But even if you never experience a horror story employee exit they are still good Google Apps skills to have tucked away in a worst case scenario situation.

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