From mailing lists to internal team hubs, groups serve a wide variety of functions. In fact, the average enterprise Google Apps domain has over 1,527 groups. In order to tailor each group to the need it fills, there are several settings to adjust. BetterCloud makes it easy to modify group settings quickly and in bulk.

  • View full group details and any nested groups
  • View and edit group settings one-by-one, or in bulk using a spreadsheet
  • Add, remove or bulk add group members and change owners


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete a user from all groups?

Navigate to Directory > Users, and click into a user’s details page. Once in the user's detail page, click “groups” from the left menu, then “Remove from all groups.”

Can I add external users to a group (Google Groups)?

Yes. When you go to add members to a group in BetterCloud, you should see a "+ External" button. Just click on that, and enter your external group member.

Can I add an existing group to a new group?

Yes. In BetterCloud, navigate to the group detail page of the parent group. Then go to add members as you normally would, and simply search for the name of the group you wish to add as a child group.

How does messaging work within nested groups?

If an email is sent to a group with a nested group, both will receive the message, however if an email is only sent to the nested group, only the nested group will receive the message.

How can end users access groups from within BetterCloud?

To view groups and memberships within BetterCloud, end users can navigate to groups. Note: Depending on the settings of a particular group, non-members may not be able to see postings.

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BetterCloud is the ultimate tool for Google Apps management!

Tim Go | Senior Systems Analyst @ Design Within Reach