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3 Common Help Desk Processes You Can Automate Across SaaS Apps

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If your organization uses multiple SaaS products, automating help desk tasks across them is a great way to work more efficiently and save time.

With BetterCloud, you can easily create automated workflows across multiple SaaS applications with just a few clicks. Here are three common help desk processes that you can automate by using the Zendesk integration in BetterCloud.

You can:

1.) Automatically create and assign a Zendesk ticket to your IT department to configure a new hire’s computer once a user is created in Google.

Don’t leave your new hires woefully unprepared on their first day. Using BetterCloud, you can automate the creation and assignment of a Zendesk ticket once their account is created in Google, so that you can get started on configuring their computer. You can even specify the assignee, subject, description, priority level, and more on the ticket. This automation ensures that the same type of ticket is created every time a new user is created and nothing slips through the cracks.

2.) Automatically create a Zendesk ticket for IT to audit group settings whenever a new Google Group is created.

Usually admins are the ones who create Google Groups for organizations, but if you have Groups for Business, your end users have the capability to create groups as well. If this is the case, you’ll want to make sure users have set up their groups in a secure way.

For instance, if the sharing option is set to “Public on the Internet,” this can pose a serious security concern: Anyone on the internet can join the group, send messages, and even read through discussion archives. With this workflow, IT can automatically receive a support ticket and then take a quick look at each new group. No one has to worry about constantly monitoring to see if and when new groups are created.

3.) Automatically remove/suspend users from Zendesk when a user is deprovisioned in G Suite.

Alas, parting is such sweet sorrow. When a user is deprovisioned in G Suite, you can automatically suspend and delete a user in Zendesk, not to mention a host of many other actions (like revoking app-specific passwords in G Suite, deleting all email aliases, and more).

To see how to automate all of these processes step by step, check out the video above.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

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