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Managing Shared Folders in Google Drive

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Google Drive is great for sharing individual files, but grouping them together into folders is a great way to stay organized with your team. Sharing permissions can be little bit tricky with folders, so that’s something to be aware of before you start sharing sensitive information.

You can create a folder just like any other file in Google Drive, and can also apply the same sharing permissions as well. When you apply sharing permissions to a folder, it will override all of the existing sharing permissions of the contained files.

The best way to make sure all the files in a folder have the appropriate sharing permissions is to go in and change them individually. One of our favorite tricks is the ability to hide files within a folder. To do so, just share your folder with the members of your team, then open up the file and remove everyone who shouldn’t have access to it.

That way, whenever they open up the shared folder, they will only see the file that they have access to, and not the hidden file. This is a great way to organize information, while still making sure only the relevant parties have access to the correct files.

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