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Install and Use the OneNote Clipper Extension for Google Chrome

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As Microsoft becomes more open and collaborative with other organizations and platforms, we’ve seen some great integrations like connecting Office 365 and Dropbox. It’s also become more acknowledged that not every consumer is using a Windows Phone or Internet Explorer, even if they’re loyal users of Office products.

This is evident in apps like Outlook for iOS and our feature today: the OneNote Clipper extension for Google Chrome.

The Clipper extension features one-click saving of any webpage, article, post, etc. with the OneNote button in the toolbar. You can view the clipped content directly from the extension. For more info about where your clips will be saved, see Where are my captures?

To install the OneNote Clipper:

  1. Go to the OneNote Clipper offering on the Chrome web store.
  2. Click + ADD TO CHROME.
  3. Confirm the new extension by clicking Add.
  4. You should see the OneNote icon appear next to your URL bar.

To use the OneNote Clipper:

  1. When you’re on a site, post, article, etc. that you want to clip, click the OneNote icon next to your URL bar. You may have to sign in to Office 365 or your Microsoft account.
  2. Select Full Page, Region, or Article, depending on what you want to save.
  3. Select the location of the notebook section you wish to save to.
  4. Optionally, add a note to your clip.
  5. Click Clip.
  6. In order to view your clipped content, click View in OneNote.

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