Microsoft and Dropbox announced a strategic partnership last November, and we are starting to see even more fruits of that relationship. This week, integration between Dropbox online and Office Online (Web Apps) was announced.

It’s great to see these kinds of developments; it really shows Microsoft’s openness to innovation¬†and partnership.*

Some highlights of this integration include:

  • Adding a Dropbox account to Office¬†365
  • Adding an Office 365 account to Dropox
  • Opening files from Dropbox in Office Online
  • Using Office Online (Word, PowerPoint, or Excel) to edit Dropbox files

The video above shows a quick overview of how this process works. You’ll see a demo of allowing Dropbox to access Office 365 and vice versa.

We’re always looking for real-life examples, so if you have any experiences to share with this integration, please let us know!


*Disclaimer – Microsoft has removed some of the functionality of the integration in the latter half of the video (1:20).


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5 thoughts on “How to Connect Office 365 and Dropbox

  1. Magnus Reply

    Thanks for the video.
    In my Dropbox, “Edit this file” does not show after having clicked on the file. Is there a setting I need to configure for this to be the case? Or is Dropbox rolling out this function unevenly to its customers?
    Cheers, Magnus

    • 365 Ninja Post authorReply

      Magnus – good question. I couldn’t find an “edit” button, but the “Open” button in the upper right did open up a document in Word Online for editing (I could also choose Word Online vs. desktop by clicking on the … button). Was the file you clicked on a .docx file? I don’t think there is a setting you need to configure, but it might be possible that the functionality hasn’t rolled out in 100% of Dropbox accounts.

  2. Nik Bisko Reply

    When I look at adding a place under my Office 365 account for Dropbox, it looks like it has been removed from the online version. On your video it shows it. However, when I look at adding it now it no longer has the add a place function.
    A lot of our students use the note taking application Springseed which integrates with Dropbox. I was hoping this would work for them to be able to access their notes through one location. Since they are currently storing them in two different locations.

    • 365 Ninja Post authorReply

      Hi Nik, I don’t see the “add a place” option either unless/until I go to Office 365 FROM Dropbox. In other words, if I start via Office 365 (say, a Word doc in OneDrive) I don’t see Add a place. Does that help? If not, I’m wondering if there’s something about your 365 account and the way its configured with third-party permissions that’s blocking Drobox.

    • Douglas Reply

      Not happy about this, but looks like the following is true: “Due to customer feedback The Office Web Apps product group has removed the ability to open documents from Dropbox from if you are signed in with a work/school account.”

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