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How to Connect Office 365 and Dropbox

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Microsoft and Dropbox announced a strategic partnership last November, and we are starting to see even more fruits of that relationship. This week, integration between Dropbox online and Office Online (Web Apps) was announced.

It’s great to see these kinds of developments; it really shows Microsoft’s openness to innovation and partnership.*

Some highlights of this integration include:

  • Adding a Dropbox account to Office 365
  • Adding an Office 365 account to Dropox
  • Opening files from Dropbox in Office Online
  • Using Office Online (Word, PowerPoint, or Excel) to edit Dropbox files

The video above shows a quick overview of how this process works. You’ll see a demo of allowing Dropbox to access Office 365 and vice versa.

We’re always looking for real-life examples, so if you have any experiences to share with this integration, please let us know!


*Disclaimer – Microsoft has removed some of the functionality of the integration in the latter half of the video (1:20).

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