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Here Are the New Office 365 Features for Apple Users

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Microsoft made several announcements this month that are tailored for Apple users. First, there are several new features available for Office 365 apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPad Pro 2. Secondly, the Office Insider Program is now available for Mac users.

First, let’s begin with the new stylus-based features for Office 365 apps on iOS tablets. These “inking tool” features have been available for Windows devices, but are now enabled for iPad and iPad Pro users. Users now have added functionality in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. In the “Draw” tab, users can make additions to their documents with the touch of their finger or Apple Pencil. These additions can range from free-form pencil additions, such as drawing a circle, or free-form writing that turns your handwriting into typed text.

With the Instant Inking feature, iOS users can begin making annotations to any screen. No button needs to be selected, all you need do is apply the pressure of your stylus.

In addition to these stylus-based features, PowerPoint Designer and Morph are now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPad Pro. These features were a hit with the Windows audience late last year. These tools make your PowerPoint presentation snazzy and savvy. With Designer, PowerPoint suggests slide designs based off the images you add to your slide.  With PowerPoint Morph, you can add sophisticated animations to your slides, images, and text boxes. Say hello to a lively Jupiter!

Lastly, Microsoft announced that they have expanded the Office Insider Program to Mac users. In this program, Mac users are able to access upcoming features before they are released to the general public.

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