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PowerPoint 2016 Innovates With Morph and Designer Tools

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PowerPoint for Office 2016 may look mostly the same as the 2013 version, but two recent updates show that PowerPoint 2016 is evolving with some exciting features.

PowerPoint Designer

First up is PowerPoint 2016’s snazzy and savvy new tool for the presentation creator who doesn’t have a graphic design background (which is probably most of us).

Designer provides an assortment of slide design ideas once you insert an image. It takes the struggle out of sorting through potential slide layouts or painstakingly resizing and arranging objects manually. Even better, Designer is smart: it “applies cloud intelligence to analyze and identify the most compelling portion of your images to determine which blueprints work best with your content.” Office blogs goes on to state,

For example, if the visual contains a natural scene, Designer can zoom, crop and frame it. But if the image contains a chart, it focuses in on the relevant region to ensure the important data is highlighted. Designer then selects from the 12,000+ blueprints to provide multiple layout options to help you make the most of your image. The end result is a high quality and customized presentation‚ÄĒin seconds.

PowerPoint Morph

If you’ve used alternative presentation programs like Prezi, you might’ve noticed PowerPoint lagging behind in a particular area: animation. While applying basic PowerPoint animations is easy and effective, advanced animation didn’t go beyond motion paths, which could look unsophisticated. PowerPoint’s new feature, Morph,¬†revolutionizes animation.

Rather than animating basic text or shapes, Morph allows you to animate¬†between¬†slides, creating a more “cinematic” look. For an early peek at Morph, check out the Office blog.

The evolution of PowerPoint 2

So when can you get your hands on these enhancements? Office Insiders should be able to use these features within days of the publication of this post, with O365 for Business First Release customers getting the rollout soon after. Designer and Morph are coming to Office 2016 for PC and Windows Mobile first, but will be released to other platforms in the coming months.

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