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Conquer Your Inbox with Gmail Advanced Search Operators

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More than anything, Google is well known for their dominance in the search industry. As Gmail users, this means we have the power of the best search engine in the world right inside our inbox.

That’s why we recommend being familiar with Gmail search operators, because it really is the best way to find your messages. There are some basic operators available, but this video takes a look at some Boolean operators, which are pretty impressive.

Here’s a full list of operators covered in the video:

Boolean operators:
OR – Search for messages matching term A or B (OR must be in all caps)
” ” (quotes) – used to search for an exact phrase
( ) – used to group words
AND – search for messages matching term A and B (by default, Gmail does an “AND” search when two commands are together so you don’t need to type out the word)

Gmail operators:
to: – used to specify a recipient
from: – used to specify the sender
is:important – search within messages that Priority Inbox considers important
is:starred – search for messages that are starred
is:unread – search for messages that are unread
circle: search for messages that were sent from someone in a particular Google+ circle

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

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