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8 Hidden (And Useful) Features in Google Search

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From calculating tips to showing you real-time local traffic reports, Google can be tremendously helpful. Here are eight hidden yet useful features in Google search that you can use anytime.

Keep a beat


Are you a musician? If so, you know how useful a metronome can be, but did you know you can get a very basic one at any time by using Google? Just Google “metronome,” and you’ll get a built in metronome that provides a beat. Hit the play button to start the metronome, and use the plus and minus icons to adjust the speed.

Dude, where’s my stuff?

track package

Next up, you can track your packages directly from Google without needing to use a third-party site. Just put your tracking number directly into the search bar. As you can see, the only link you get takes you directly to your tracking information.

Calories don’t count on the weekend

mcdonald's calories

Have you ever wondered how many calories are in that treat you want to have? Luckily, Google has the answer. For example, if you ask how many calories are in a McDonald’s Big Mac, you’ll see that the answer is 563 calories. You can use the dropdown menu to adjust the quantity, and there may be variations on an item you can select here.

Let’s go Dutch

tip calculator

The tip calculator is another handy function hidden in the search engine. Google “tip calculator” and a handy tool pops up. Here, you can enter the amount of the bill, how much you want to tip, and how many people are in the party to quickly calculate what each person’s portion of the tip should be.

Catch a movie tonight

movie times jason bourne

If you’re planning to see a movie after dinner, you can use the movie time search feature to find show times in your area. Just search for movie times, then the name of the movie, and a location if you want to narrow your search further, and Google will provide you with the list of upcoming show times.  

Don’t get stuck in a (traffic) jam

traffic screenshot

If you want to get home after the movie, it can be helpful to avoid high traffic areas. Just Google “traffic” and Google will return a traffic map of your local area, with clear areas marked in green, congested areas in orange, and extremely slow areas marked in red.

Sunrise, sunset, swiftly flow the days

sunrise nyc

If you’re trying to get home before dark (or before the sun comes up), you can just search for “sunrise” or “sunset,” and Google will provide the time for the event in your area. You can also add a city name to the search query to get the time there. 

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