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Release Notes


OneLogin & Workflow Templates

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New BetterCloud Updates

POSTED IN Actions/ Activity-Based Alerting/ Best Practices/ Workflows

New Features in BetterCloud

POSTED IN Actions/ Dropbox/ G Suite/ Workflows

On-Demand Workflows

POSTED IN Actions/ IT Automation/ On-Demand Workflows/ Workflows

New Connector Installation Experience

POSTED IN Alerts/ Connectors/ Training Video/ Workflows

Workflow Notifications

POSTED IN IT Automation/ Monitoring & Alerting/ Policies/ User Lifecycle Management/ Workflows

Actions Enhancements

POSTED IN Actions/ User Lifecycle Management/ User Onboarding & Offboarding/ Workflows

New Actions in BetterCloud

POSTED IN Actions/ DLP Policies/ User Onboarding & Offboarding/ Workflows

Pause Workflows

POSTED IN Workflows/ Workflows Builder

Salesforce and Office 365 Actions

POSTED IN Actions/ Office 365/ Salesforce/ Workflows