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Discover Workflow Triggers & Conditions and Microsoft Teams

We are excited to announce the release of an additional Discover workflow trigger and Discover workflow conditions. These features will help enhance visibility in your environment and increase IT efficiency by enabling you to uncover apps and users faster and leverage that information to better automate workflows.

Additionally, we’ve enhanced our Microsoft Teams integration — as part of our Microsoft 365 integration — with additional actions to help you automate tasks associated with user lifecycle management.Learn more about all the additional features below: 

New Features

Discover Workflow Trigger & Conditions

  • New App User Discovered’ trigger
    • Sends notification when a new app user is Discovered and can be used as a trigger for workflows in BetterCloud.
    • Part of Discover module
  • Conditions
    • Application name
    • Application integration
    • Application category
    • Application scope
    • Application status
    • Discovery method
    • Condition automated workflows based on above attributes
  • Part of Discover module 

Microsoft Teams

  • Teams can sync in a new Group type
  • New actions
    • Add User to Team
    • Remove User from Team
  • Part of Manage module