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Release Notes


Supercharge onboarding and offboarding with Custom Attributes

POSTED IN Feature/ Integrations/ IT Automation/ Offboarding/ Okta/ Onboarding/ Product Updates/ Triggers

New integrations + more enhancements

POSTED IN Conditions/ Integrations/ Security/ Triggers/ Workday

Additional enhancements to Workday integration, Secure module and Microsoft 365 integration

POSTED IN Conditions/ Integrations/ Microsoft 365/ Security/ Triggers/ Workday

Workday full integration and additional data protection enhancements

POSTED IN Actions/ Activity-Based Alerting/ Conditions/ Data Protection/ Feature/ G Suite/ Google Apps/ Integrations/ Integrations>Integration Center/ IT Automation/ Offboarding/ On-Demand Workflows/ Onboarding/ Policies/ Product Updates/ Security/ Security Automation/ Security Reporting/ Triggers/ UI/ User Lifecycle Management/ User Lifecycle Management Workflows/ User Onboarding & Offboarding/ User Onboarding & Offboarding Workflows/ Users Directory/ Visibility & Insight/ Workday

Custom Triggers, ANY/ALL Conditioning, and other enhancements

POSTED IN Box/ Conditions/ Microsoft 365/ Platform API/ Triggers/ User Lifecycle Management/ User Lifecycle Management Workflows/ Workflows

Discover Workflow Triggers & Conditions and Microsoft Teams

POSTED IN Actions/ Conditions/ Discover/ Triggers/ User Lifecycle Management/ Workflows