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Supercharge onboarding and offboarding with Custom Attributes

Today, we’re excited to announce our automated onboarding and offboarding capabilities are getting even easier to use with the addition of Custom Attribute support to our Okta and BambooHR integrations. Support in Google and Workday integrations are coming later this year.

At a glance, Custom Attributes enable even more advanced onboarding and offboarding workflows by providing customers with:

  • Streamlined processes: Ingestion of custom attribute data enables IT admins to fully automate their onboarding and offboarding processes in Workflows without needing additional manual processing.
  • Error reduction: BetterCloud Administrators no longer are limited to building Workflows with ‘out-of-the-box’ provider data. This means there will be less need for manual processing of user data following automated Workflow executions.
  • Reduced risk of data exposure: Only specific selected custom fields will be ingested, not all available custom data. This reduces the likelihood of data leakage or exposure.

Consolidate onboarding workflows

There are so many variables that make onboarding or offboarding employees inherently complex. Using Custom Attributes in conjunction with our recently released branching feature, enables IT teams to execute different flows based on a custom attribute property value.

IT teams have already started to simplify their BetterCloud workflows using custom attributes in a variety of ways that are saving their teams time and headaches:

  • In multinational companies, it’s common for users to be added to a regional email distribution group.
  • A hospital identifies their employees with a code that is made up of their role (nurse, doctor etc.) and their region (east, west, midwest etc.),  which is crucial to proper onboarding and access.
  • After a company merger, multiple company domains need to be managed along with the employees of specific business entities via use of the entity’s domain as a custom attribute.
  • A company wants to associate a personal or secondary email address with the User profile, so they can reset their password during an onboarding Workflow.

Get started today

Custom Attributes are available today for all BetterCloud customers, and can be enabled via the Integration Center. Administrators just need to select either the Okta or BambooHR integration, click Modify, and then select the custom attributes they want to have enabled.

Customization settings for okta

Once ingested into BetterCloud, they’ll appear in the Workflow Builder’s library with (Custom) appended to them, differentiating them from the out-of-the-box actions/triggers which cannot act on custom attribute data.

Our customers are already using Custom Attributes, and we’re excited to see what else customers automate with this feature. If you have some ideas, or want inspiration on how to use it, visit our BetterIT Slack community and let us know what you think. Our team would love to hear from you.

Product documentation can be found at our help center.