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New integrations + more enhancements

BetterCloud continues to innovate our products to best support your growing business. We are announcing the general availability of five new integrations, enhancements to existing integrations, and array support for extended triggers.

New Features

New Integrations

We have released 5 new action-only integrations:

  • ClickUp
  • Calendly
  • 15Five
  • Notion

Customers can leverage the new integrations to expand their workflows and eliminate more manual tasks to get closer to zero-touch user lifecycle management.

Available Actions logo
  • Add team member
  • Remove Project Collaborator
  • Add Project Collaborator
  • Remove Team Member
15five logo
  • Create User
  • Edit User
  • Deactivate User
  • Reactivate User
  • Add User to Group
  • Remove User from Group
Calendly logo
  • Invite User to Organization
  • Remove User from Organization
ClickUp logo
  • Invite User to Workspace
  • Edit User
  • Remove User from Workspace
  • Create Task
  • Create List
  • Update Task Status
  • Add User to Team
  • Remove User from Team
  • Find Task by Name
  • Create a Task Comment
  • Delete Task
  • Invite Guest to Workspace
  • Share task with Guest
  • Create Task from Template
  • Add Assignee to Task
  • Remove Assignee from Task
  • Share List with Guest
notion logo
  • Create User
  • Deactivate User
  • Add Member to Group
  • Remove Member from Group
  • Remove Member from All Groups
Array support for extended triggers

Previously, if a provider sent a payload containing an array to the trigger extension feature, the feature would fail and could not be configured further. Thus users who were working with providers that included any type of array in their event payloads were unable to use trigger extensions without doing significant custom scripting.

With this initial release, users can now successfully create trigger extensions for events delivered in a simple array. If that same payload contains more complex arrays or data outside the array, the UI will gray out data that cannot be selected as a trigger.

Providers that benefit from this new release: 

  • Greenhouse [any data not in nested arrays]
  • OneLogin
  • Docusign
  • SaplingHR
  • Namely


Enhancements to existing integrations

Slack – New action (for Business Plus): 

  • Activate User – An essential ULM step is enabling admins to reactivate their users’ access, for instance, after a legal hold, sabbatical, leave, or contract.

Okta – New conditions that will expand the range of use cases supported for Okta, as a significant HRIS tool:

  • Title – Having accurate organizational structure conditions like job titles is crucial for developing effective onboarding processes.
  • Locale – Having precise organizational structure conditions like locale is vital for developing effective onboarding workflows.