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BetterCloud continues to innovate our products to best support your growing business. We are announcing the general availability of an enhancement to our workflow engine with regard to Organizational Units (OU). Additionally, We have new data oversharing report filters and interactions to help you identify critical security risks more quickly and intuitively.

New Features

OU Enhancement

When creating a workflow and choosing an OU, customers will now see the full OU path including all of the parent units.This small but impactful release provides full OU visibility, enabling easy selection of the right OU as your workflow condition.  

New data oversharing report filters and interactions
  • Building on the value of the new data oversharing report previously introduced, this release includes additional filters and filter enhancements to help users navigate violation views. Including: 
    1. Add search bar to navigate filter results
    2. Separate Internal Collaborators and External Collaborators into two filters
    3. New filter for Department 
  • New metadata on the policy hub page to help guide users to their most critical risk areas
  • Department insight card is now clickable for a seamless experience
  • Updated Most common collaborator insight to most common external collaborator
  • New icons to signify asset types so that users can quickly determine which violating assets are files and which are folder type objects