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Release Notes

Google Apps

Workday full integration and additional data protection enhancements

POSTED IN Actions/ Activity-Based Alerting/ Conditions/ Data Protection/ Feature/ G Suite/ Google Apps/ Integrations/ Integrations>Integration Center/ IT Automation/ Offboarding/ On-Demand Workflows/ Onboarding/ Policies/ Product Updates/ Security/ Security Automation/ Security Reporting/ Triggers/ UI/ User Lifecycle Management/ User Lifecycle Management Workflows/ User Onboarding & Offboarding/ User Onboarding & Offboarding Workflows/ Users Directory/ Visibility & Insight/ Workday

Connect Multiple Instances of G Suite and Office 365

POSTED IN Access Control/ Actions/ Alerts/ Auditing & Discovery/ Directory/ DLP Policies/ Google Apps/ IT Automation/ Monitoring & Alerting/ Office 365

Limited Preview: Advanced Alerts and Google Drive

POSTED IN Alerts/ Google Apps/ Limited Preview

Multi-Instance SaaS Connectors

POSTED IN Access Control/ Access Controls/ Alerts/ Atlassian/ Auditing & Discovery/ Best Practices/ Directory/ Dropbox/ Google Apps/ Group Directory/ Namely/ Salesforce/ Slack/ Workflows/ Zendesk

New “Create” Actions Across Connectors

POSTED IN Actions/ Directory/ Dropbox/ Google Apps/ Group Directory/ Slack/ Zendesk

“Copy” Actions for User Accounts

POSTED IN Actions/ Dropbox/ Google Apps/ Slack/ Workflows/ Zendesk

Drive Compliance Policy Condition in BetterCloud for G Suite

POSTED IN Auditing & Discovery/ Collaboration Policies/ Data Access Policies/ DLP Policies/ Drive/ Google Apps

Google Alerts and Namely in Workflows

POSTED IN Alerts/ Google Apps/ Namely/ Workflows

Alerts Meets Workflows

POSTED IN Alerts/ Atlassian/ Dropbox/ Google Apps/ Salesforce/ Slack/ Workflows/ Zendesk

Google Sites as Doc Type, Report Cell Increase in BetterCloud for G Suite

POSTED IN Data Access Policies/ Data Discovery/ Drive/ Google Apps/ Scheduled Reporting/ Sites