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Limited Preview: Advanced Alerts and Google Drive

BetterCloud’s expansive enhancements to core functionality continue with two new features, currently available exclusively to customers in our Limited Preview program:

Advanced Alerts

Additional enhancements to Alerts in BetterCloud now make it possible to customize any available system alert, through targeted scopes that are specific to your organization. When combined with powerful automations in Workflows, you can create true “policies for anything” across your SaaS environment.

Google Drive

For Limited Preview customers, BetterCloud is rolling out support for Google Drive in the Files grid in BetterCloud. With this functionality enabled, exposure of files and folders from Google Drive can be added alongside Box, Dropbox and Slack, making the breadth of your organization’s data visible for the first time.

Please note that there is no support for Drive Policies in BetterCloud at this time; BetterCloud  for G Suite will continue to provide this functionality. 

For more information about our Limited Preview program and how your organization can receive early access to our new features and upcoming enhancements, please contact your BetterCloud Customer Success Manager, or email