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Google Alerts and Namely in Workflows

Additional alerts for the Google connector have been added to BetterCloud! The following alerts can now be configured to give you greater oversight of Gmail activity on your domain, and can also be selected as triggering WHEN events in Workflows:

  • Users: Email Forwarded to Gmail
  • Users: Email Forwarded to Outlook
  • Users: Email Forwarded to Yahoo
  • Users: Email Forwarding Enabled
  • Groups: Anyone Can Join

Additionally, WHEN events and THEN actions are now available in Workflows for the Namely connector! Integrating these new options into your workflows can provide an even more robust, truly cross-platform automation experience.

Please note that Namely must be verified as a connector, before data from this app will be available in BetterCloud. Namely also requires an additional installation step before verification is possible. 

For more information on configuring alerts and workflows, and establishing the Namely connector, please see our articles below!