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Discover Workflow Triggers and more

We are excited to announce the release of Discover workflow triggers as well as a few additional features: Workflow Activity Feed, the increase of files exported from 10,000 to 1 million in the Files Grid, and Content Scanning Violations Export.

The Discover workflow triggers feature sends a notification when a new app is discovered in your environment, which can be used to trigger an automated workflow in BetterCloud. This makes application discovery automatic for IT teams, enhancing visibility and increasing efficiency by reducing the manual effort involved in tracking app presence and usage in your environment.

Learn more about all the additional features below:

New Features

Discover Workflow Triggers
Sends notification when a new app is Discovered and can be used as a trigger for workflows in BetterCloud.

  • Part of Discover module
  • ‘New App Discovered’ trigger

Workflow Activity Feed
Central place where users can see list of workflow instances that are running or have completed in the last 30 days

Files Grid Export Increase
Increases export limit from the Files Grid to 1 million files, from 10k limit

Content Scanning Violations Export
Export a CSV of a File Audit OR Targeted Content Scan