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As we continue to evolve around the world we live in today, we have a number of announcements. This month we are releasing 4 items:

  • • OneLogin Integration
  • • Microsoft 365 / Office 365 updates and enhancements
  • • Workflow Templates
  • • Integration Center Updates


BetterCloud’s OneLogin Integration has been enhanced, opening up a number of new use cases, and makes it easier than ever to automate user lifecycle management.

Advanced Onboarding and Offboarding

OneLogin and BetterCloud work together to fully automate end-to-end user onboarding and offboarding. OneLogin performs the initial actions associated with provisioning user identity and ensuring that users are able to access the right applications. BetterCloud will listen for changes being made in OneLogin and will execute workflows with native advanced actions for onboarding and offboarding within SaaS applications.

OneLogin performs Initial Actions before “handing the baton” to BetterCloud for Advanced Actions

Mid Life Cycle Management

Manage changes in user access, roles, and permissions, and automate the associated IT processes to save time and reduce the risk of misconfiguration errors. Beyond performing advanced actions in onboarding and offboarding workflows, BetterCloud listens for user identity change in OneLogin, and automates workflows for executing ongoing changes within applications related to user roles and permissions.

Security monitoring and automated policy remediation

BetterCloud’s integration with OneLogin brings users and groups in OneLogin into BetterCloud, extending the range of your visibility, alerting, automation, and policy enforcement. 

OneLogin and BetterCloud work together to implement a least privilege access model by granting users the minimum amount of permissions needed to get a job done, ensuring the security of users’ identity and the specific interactions they have within applications.

New capabilities in the BetterCloud platform

In addition to syncing OneLogin Users, Roles, and Groups into BetterCloud, the following alerts are now available for OneLogin:

  • • New User Created
  • • User Status Changed
  • • User Added to Role
  • • User Removed by Role
  • • User Added to Group
  • • User Removed from Group

Workflows can also be conditioned by the following OneLogin Attributes:

  • • User Status
  • • User Department
  • • User Title
  • • Role 
  • • Group 


Microsoft 365 / Office 365 updates and enhancements

With this update, we are expanding our content scanning offering to enable you to create alerts for files stored in OneDrive and Sharepoint. You can now include sensitive data scanning as part of the following alerts: 

  • • OneDrive Files with Public Sharing Links
  • • OneDrive Files Shared Externally
  • • SharePoint Files with Public Sharing Links
  • • SharePoint Files Shared Externally
  • • OneDrive Sensitive Data Scanned 
  • • SharePoint Sensitive Data Scanned

Workflow Templates

BetterCloud Templates simplify the process of creating workflows for the most common automated policies in your SaaS environment by walking you through the set up of pre-configured, multi-step workflows.

To get started, navigate to Workflows > Templates on the left navigation. Here you’ll see the list of available Templates. Select the Template you’d like to set up and the wizard experience will walk you through the steps needed for that Workflow.

BetterCloud categorizes groups of actions by connected integrations, enabling you to quickly select the types of actions needed for a process without getting inundated by the nuances of each applications’ unique capabilities.

When you’ve selected the actions and triggers for the workflow, BetterCloud will bring you into the Workflow Builder to add any final customization options. Once complete, you can either save the workflow or hit publish to run the workflow in your environment.

For help getting started, visit our Guide on Workflows Templates in the Help Center.


Integration Center Updates

We are excited to announce two new integrations in the Integration Center: Greenhouse and Druva. Below is the full list of the actions included in each integration.

  • Greenhouse
      • • Add User
      • • Update Users name
      • • Disable User
      • • Enable User
      • • Add Job Permission
      • • Remove Job Permission
      • • Add future Job Permission
      • • Remove future Job Permission

  • Druva
    • • Create User
    • • Change Users Profile
    • • Change Users Username
    • • Preserve User
    • • Delete User
    • • Reset Password