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Email Customization for BetterCloud’s Send Email Action

For March 2021, we are excited to announce the release of an Email Customization MVP for BetterCloud’s Send Email Action. This feature enables IT teams to design a customized, branded, more trustworthy email that will significantly improve open rates leading to increased issue resolution and more efficient IT resource allocation.

Now, when end users receive an email from BetterCloud, they’re more likely to trust the sender, open the email, and remediate problems, reducing the time IT teams spend tracking down an end user to get them to take action or fielding questions about legitimacy.

You can learn more as well as find an HTML template in the Help center here to start customizing your emails in BetterCloud today.

New Features

Email Customization for BetterCloud’s Send Email Action
Pass HTML style attributes into emails sent by BetterCloud in a Workflow, On-Demand Workflow, or Action Engine, such as:

  • • Line breaks
  • • Text alignment
  • • Size / font
  • • Bold / underline / italics / strikethrough
  • • Hyperlinks with display text
  • • Bulleted/numbered lists
  • • Colors
  • • Externally-linked images
  • • Buttons