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Unlimited Gmail Addresses with Plus Addressing

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This is Part 6 in Cloud Sherpas’ Top 10 Tips for Email Administration in Google Apps

If you happen to subscribe to a number of newsletters, you’re probably looking for an easy way to organize them inside of your inbox. One of our favorite ways is with plus addressing, which allows you to create an unlimited amount of Gmail addresses that still direct to your main account.

Plus addressing works by appending a + sign to the end of your Gmail / Google Apps username and before the @. Google doesn’t recognize the + sign, or anything after it, so no matter what you add, it will still direct to your primary account.

A great use case for this would be to add +newsletter to the end of your account when signing up for various newsletter lists. From there, you could create a Gmail filter for any incoming email addressed to the altered account, and apply a ‘Newsletter’ label for easy organization.

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