Never send an email by mistake again.

Installing the Gmail lab “Undo Send” allows you to retract messages where you may have made a spelling mistake, grammar error, or communicated something poorly–really, any reason you would wish you retract an email! The lab will allow you to “undo” your email send up to 30 seconds after clicking send.

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3 thoughts on “How to Unsend an Email in Gmail

  1. Derick Neel Reply

    As useful as it is, you have to be careful with this lab as it can cause outgoing message to appear as “Sent” (and even in your Sent label) but never actually leave your mailbox. We’ve had multiple calls with Google Support related to users not receiving email from [usually] their boss and it has always been this lab causing the problem. Their solution: Turn off the lab. Google needs to promote this to a real feature as it extremely useful in preventing accidental sends – especially if you have Keyboard Shortcuts turned on. Tab Enter anyone?

  2. John Phillips Reply

    The Lab add in really not much use, or limited use at the best.. Most people have “buyer’s remorse” long after 30 seconds (the longest time available in this addin before it no longer works) and then scream when Google can’t recall the email for them.

  3. Margaret Wheater Reply

    I agree with the comment regarding ‘buyers remorse’ with Undo only being available for 30 seconds max.
    I know there has to be a finite time as you cant please all of the people all of the time, but with a heavy workload and office distractions its too easy to not realise you need to recall a message until after 30 seconds. It’s not long enough.
    If the lab can do 30 – please please look at making it 60 seconds – time to read, realise and attempt the recall.

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