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Take Google Calendar to the Next Level with These 3 Extensions

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Google Calendar is a wonderful tool for keeping track of your day-to-day schedule, but there are a few ways to get even more out of it. From color coding days of the week to tracking time spent on tasks, these extensions will help supercharge your Calendar productivity and efficiency.


G-calize add-on

G-calize allows you to custom color code almost every aspect of your calendar. You can set both the text color and the background, which makes it much easier to scan your calendar and organize your appointments.

Toggl Button: Productivity & Time Tracker

Toggle screenshot

Toggl Button is a simple time tracker. It provides you with a easy¬†way to track time inside your favorite productivity tools. This is great for making sure that you‚Äôre taking breaks (if you’re using the built-in Pomodoro timer), and also for making sure that you‚Äôre appropriately estimating the amount of time that tasks take when you schedule them in your calendar. As you build a more accurate impression of how long events take, you can edit future versions of them in order to build a more efficient and accurate calendar.

Event Merge

Event Merge screenshot

Event Merge combines the same event on multiple Google Calendars into one striped event. For instance, some of your appointments may be listed on both your personal and work calendar, which can make your calendar cluttered and distracting. With Event Merge, you can tell at a glance which separate events have been merged, making your calendar much more organized and clean.

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