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See a Time-Lapse "Movie" of All Your Google Docs Revisions

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You may know about the Revision History feature in Google Docs, but what if you could actually see a time-lapse “movie” depicting all the revisions you made in a Doc? Well, with a cool tool called Draftback, you can.

Draftback is a Chrome extension that lets you play back all your revisions. It helps you visualize your thought process as you’ve worked your way through a document–something that can help you revisit ideas that you may have second guessed, or to gain some insight into your writing process. 

  • Search in the Chrome Web Store for Draftback. Click “Add to Chrome” to install it. You will have to give the extension permission to access your Google Docs. Once it’s installed, you can start making revisions to a Doc (it will only work for new changes going forward, not past revisions).
  • To see your revision history playback, click on the Draftback button in the top-right corner of your Doc.



  • This will create the video for you to view, which you can access by clicking on the View button.



  • You have a few controls to adjust how you view your draftback animation. You can control the speed using the controls on the left, including an option which will make Draftback play at actual speed, instead of the accelerated rate that it typically uses.



  • If you want to see some statistics about your writing activity and revision history, you can click on the “Document graphs and statistics” link in the upper right-hand corner of the page.


  • This will give you a timeline of activity, duration, and where in the document the changes were.


Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

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