Preventing viewers from downloading a Google Drive file has been a highly requested feature for a long time now. We are happy to report: The wait is finally over. Not only can you disable all downloading and printing options for viewers of your file, but you can even prevent them from making a copy.

Copying a document or even just copy and pasting the text from within a document used to be the biggest loophole when downloading or printing was being blocked, but that workaround is no more! Of course, there will always be a way around features like this. It is still possible to take a picture of a document and then print or share that picture. But even so, this is a big leap forward in Drive security!

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.


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One thought on “Prevent People from Downloading, Copying or Printing Your Drive Files

  1. beachsmiles Reply

    Looking for something that I can add a filed to a Facebook Group I manage, that will disable, print,share, copy paste, can this help me and work on a facebook File? If so where are steps to follow to post on a Facebook Group file. Is it PDF, or is it A word program format? Thanks

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