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New Social Media Inspired Features Available in Outlook

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As social media continues to play a strong role in our personal lives, the trend continues in our work lives. In Outlook, users can now “Like” and add @Mentions.

Likes in Outlook on the Web

In Outlook, users now have the option to “Like” and make @Mentions of others to incorporate them in related conversations. The Like button is conveniently placed at the top of each email. Users can search through “Likes” within their inbox and use the functionality to highlight important conversation chains. Also, when your email is liked, you are notified and you can view the history of likes in your inbox. First Release customers with Exchange Online in their Office 365 plan are now able to use the Like feature. The feature will become more widely available in late October.

Mentions in Outlook on the Web

The @Mention feature provides the ability to loop in necessary parties into a conversation. For instance, if a new project kicks off, but not all departments are included at the time, you can simply type “@” and a drop down menu will appear with your most recent contacts and your address book for you to tag and include others. Once a person is tagged with the @ symbol, people can interact on the thread, and also search within the inbox for all @Mentions.

First Release customers will be able to use @Mention in mid-October and the feature will become available for others in mid-November.

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