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Have Your New AI Assistant Schedule Your Meetings in Google Calendar

2 minute read

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Hate the back-and-forth of scheduling meetings? Meet Amy, an artificial intelligence-powered assistant who integrates with Google Calendar. Just CC her on emails, and she’ll take care of all your tedious scheduling tasks. Here’s how it works.

Note: Amy is currently in free beta mode. Sign up for free beta access at In addition to integrating with Google Calendar, Amy also integrates with Office 365 and

  • Email someone with a request for a meeting, while also CC’ing

Amy.xai email 1

  • From here, your new virtual AI assistant is going to act like a real assistant, communicating with both you and the person you’re trying to meet with to set up a mutually agreeable time.

Amy.xai email 2

  • Amy will set up a preferred time and address, and then finally send out an invite to the Google Calendar event. She’s able to take on the role of an assistant seamlessly, getting all the information sorted out until both parties have agreed on all details of the meeting, and then creating the invite for the event.

Amy.xai email 3

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

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