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An Introduction to Word Quick Parts

2 minute read

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Today, we’re going to tell you about Word Quick Parts and why you should be using them. Quick Parts is a feature in Microsoft Word that allows you to essentially create a library of content that you use regularly, and then access it at any time to quickly pull it into a document. If you have items that you reuse on a regular basis, the Quick Parts option makes creating your typical documents a much faster process.

To access the Quick Parts available to you, head to the Insert menu > Quick Parts. Here, you’ll notice four primary categories of quick parts: AutoText, Document Property, Field, and Building Blocks Organizer.


AutoText is a block of text that you use a great deal. For example, let’s say you have a note that you like to include at the bottom of all of your documents.

  • You can add it to the AutoText gallery by highlighting it, going to the AutoText item in the Quick Parts tool, and then clicking on “Save Selection to AutoText Gallery.
  • Then, if you want to insert it in a new document, just go back to Quick Parts > AutoText. You can insert it with a few clicks instead of having to retype it every time.

Document Property

Document Property allows you to insert a property that will create a property permanently attached to your document. You can also insert a field that will update automatically, which is useful for things such as a Title that runs throughout that you might want to change at some point down the road.

Building Blocks Organizer

This is a place where you can navigate through all of the various building blocks available to you in Word. You can edit them or erase them from this interface if you don’t find them helpful in their current forms, and you can also select and insert any kind of building block from this menu.

Finally, if you have anything that you wish to add as a Quick Part, you can just highlight it, head to Insert, click Quick Parts, and then choose the Save Selection option. It will then be available in the gallery for your future use.

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