Your Gmail inbox has limited storage space. Unless you are using Google Apps Unlimited, it is important to keep track of which emails are taking up the most space in your inbox and if you need to keep them.

Gmail’s native search bar allows you to search for emails that are above a certain size and have attachments, but it does not tell you how much storage space that email is taking up. This Chrome Extension sorts your emails by attachment size and displays the actual size of each attachment, allowing you to delete emails you deem to be storage hogs.

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Peter Dunbar

nice sorting tool. However, I am at a loss as to how to actually run it. You seem to have found a link to a website. Can’t this be done right from gMail itself?

Susan Sullivan, CRM
While space considerations are important, there may be legal requirements related to retaining email messages and attachments as records. Before deleting ANY email messages: 1) Find out if your email messages are automatically saved in Google Vault or another email archiving / recordkeeping system. If they are, you can delete large email messages. 2) If your email messages are not saved elsewhere; determine if they qualify as record (feel like Hillary Clinton?). Check your records retention policy. 2a) If the email messages qualify as record and you want to delete them, save them outside of Google Apps (e.g., as PDF)… Read more »


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