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How to Reset and Replace Images in Google Docs

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When you’re working with images in Google Docs, there are a few useful functions, like “Reset Image” and “Replace Image.” Here are some tips for when and how to use them.

Reset Image

If you have an image in Google Docs and you’ve applied edits to it that you don’t like, rather than Undo-ing each step, it’s easier just to revert to the original and start from scratch. To do so, right click on the image > Reset image. The image snaps back to its original properties, and you can quickly undo multiple changes at once.

Replace Image

If you like the formatting you’ve done to your image but want to use another image instead, right click on the image > Replace image. The formatting (i.e., size, layout, properties) stays the same, but the original image is replaced by your new choice. This feature can be useful for replacing images in templates.

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