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How to Embed Charts from Google Sheets in Slides and Docs (And Update Them with One Click)

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You might use the same chart in multiple documents and presentations in G Suite. But if that chart changes, it can be very time-consuming to replace it in each and every file. Luckily, Google rolled out an update last week that allows users to embed charts from Google Sheets in Google Docs and Slides and update them with a single click. Use this easy feature to save time and avoid tedious work.

  1. Enter your data into Google Sheets, and click on Insert > Chart to create a chart.
  2. In Google Slides, click on Insert > Charts > From Sheets. Choose the chart you’d like to embed from Sheets.
  3. Make sure the “Link to spreadsheet” box is checked off. This will create a dynamic link between the chart in your presentation and the original data in the spreadsheet. This will work in Docs as well.
  4. If necessary, go back to Sheets and make changes to your data. When you view your chart in Slides, you can click “Update,” and the chart will automatically update.

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